Android OTA version upgrade 'starlte', is it ok?

Sorry if this has been asked before. I’ve got /e/ ver. 1.11 Android 10 (Q) on Samsung Galaxy S9. To get the latest /e/ version means going up to R or T, doesn’t it? If I download and install the update will this keep my data/setup?

Also, referring to the fresh install instructions, they say “ensure that the device is on the latest Android 10 firmware”, is this included in the update? Otherwise, how this is done (downloading Q stock rom from somewhere? which means losing user data/setup) How do I check which firmware I’ve got?

Different answer for dev / stable !

In this thread Android security patches 👉 Out of dates (although the title seems off your subject !) the questions and answers should help you find the answer.

You need a backup for sure – can you do it without format data, idk.

There is an upgrade page for your device Be aware that this is published ahead of time for T as we are still waiting Week 41, 2023: Development and Testing Updates currently for the process to complete.

This is what your really have to answer.

This opinion is irrelevant to the now known subject ota-upgrade. Reading the early posts when Lineage introduced “vendor updates with upgrade” I believe this provided suitable vendor blobs to aid Android 12 (S) to 13 (T), useful for newer devices. Any benefit of bundeld blobs is not a thing I would give any weight to when upgrading from " /e/ ver. 1.11 Android 10 (Q)", because other magic was found necessary for the Q - R jump for most devices including my Samsung A3 (2016).

Thanks. I’m on stable and the updater shows available update to 1.15

  • so what happens if I let it install this without checking firmware myself?

I am in the same situation - did you figure it out? In any event, the upgrade instructions include this:

Caution: Before following these instructions please ensure that your smartphone is on the latest Android firmware available for your device. For example if available, before flashing /e/OS ‘S’ install Stock Android 12. Similary before installing /e/OS ‘R’ it should be Stock Android 11 or before installing /e/OS ‘Q’ it should be Stock Android 10. Check you device vendor’s website to download the required Stock ROM.

Which I interpret as meaning that I need to install stock Android T before installing T. I don’t think I’m going to do that.

Are you ?

Are you trying to decide ota-upgrade ( Android version OTA upgrade) on stable ? As @Pinback.

… Or are you attempting something else ?

@ aibd Actually not really. I am already on 1.15-q (OTA upgraded) and was looking to upgrade to 1.15-t. But following your link about development and testing updates I will leave that alone until 1.16 arrives.

I also see in that same post:

For now the upgrade is a manual process. Will share more information around this when available.

I hope so. Finding the right information about versions and installing/upgrading can sometimes be quite difficult.

I got worried by the instructions for manual/first time install, but I think what they mean is that in a OTA update (or upgrade) they are confident that moving to a higher Android version will be ok (end user does not have to worry about drivers/firmware).

So, it should be ok to treat this just like a regular OTA update…

By the same token, if you were actually doing a first time install from a lower version, wouldn’t it be easier to first install /e/ with that lower Android version instead of looking for a stock rom with the latest drivers?

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