Android R (beta) updates


First post here :slight_smile:

I have installed and using /e/ for a while now, quite happily. I was on android Q but recently I have noticed that my phone now has an “Android R (beta) release” (Android 11). I decided to switch to that: reinstalled my phone from the grounds up.

I am using a Samsung A5 (2017) phone “a5y17lte” and now I can see in the downloads that the image of the /e/ 0.19 release is now available for Q, but not for the Android R (beta) release.
Over the air update is not offered yet for R beta on my phone.

My question is that will an update for R dev releases offered sometime later and will l be able to update over the air? (It takes a while to setup a freshly installed os with all the apps and configuration and I would gladly avoid that if its possible.)

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Hi @tvandorffy ,

checkout this post from @Manoj : Week 44 : Development and Testing Updates

/e/ v0-19 Updates should be released next week.


@tvandorffy I’m also using /e/ 0.18 R for my a5y17lte, but compared to Q version of /e/ my device has some issues:

Do you have similar issues with your device?

Hi @weichselbaumj,

I had no issue with my beta R installation so far.
-I am using Vivaldi as my main browser, I had no sound problem there.
But I will test the stock browser too and let you know my experiences.

-As for battery drain, my device definitely lasts for more than a day, but I did not test its limits.
(I usually put it on the charger before going to sleep so I did not notice what you are describing.)
I can test this too.

-LibreOffice: This needs to be tested too, I do not use LibreOffice on my phone.
What is the exact name of the app you are using? What store is it from? (/e/, Aurora)
If you let me know, I can test.



Thanks for the link, very informative post!
I am looking for the update.
(Hopefully it won’t break anything :slight_smile: )

I can confirm the choppy sound in the stock browser. :frowning:
Hopefully the problem will be fixed in the 0.19 release…
Vivaldi seems okay.

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LibreOffice is preinstalled on /e/. You can easily test this issue by just trying to open an excel or word file one your phone.

Thanks for you feedback anyway :+1:

FYI: I’ve just created this issue on /e/-GitLab: LibreOffice crashes when opening documents (#4144) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab


Well, the built in app seems to be a viewer only. Anyways, I tested it with a Writer and Calc file and even with an exel .xlsx file to and you are right, the app crashes while opening the files.

About the battery: on the 2nd day in the evening, I still have 30% charge left.
But I do not use my phone very heavily, so maybe that is the reason.

I will retest when the /e/ 0.19 update arrives.

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