Android T stable for FP4?

…seen this while downloading " " via easy-installer …
Your warning includes this version/way of installing /e/, right?
Is it possible to use " " as further version via easy-installer?


(sometimes heaven sends procrastinating offers…i rather wanted to flash the FP4 yesterday, but the wheather was too fine…and now your today’s notice)

oh, sorry…
“T” comes after “S” …
Sunday’s mistake.
Will flash the FP4 now.

I have a fp4 and I just updated it to 1.20. But I’m still at the ‘s’ version and not the ‘t’. Should I do something specific to get the ‘t’ one ?


This is yesterday’s latest statement from Manoj concerning FP4 Android T (13) version upgrade. So hopefully next version 1.21 would bring Android 13 to the FP4.

Thanks for sharing this information. I’ll wait for the next version then :slight_smile:

Will FP4 finally get Android 13 upgrade ?
It had been announced for several /e/OS versions, at least v1.19, v1.20, and then v1.21, but the release notes for v1.21T does not mention it (though it mentions that FP3 will be running Android 13…).
I am really longing for this upgrade (as I hope that it might fix several issues I am facing with my Murena FP4, mainly related to Bluetooth, audio, and WIFI).
Thanks for any news in this regard !

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