Another: FP3 ultra slow performance after upgrade to Android 12


first: I know that this has been a topic a couple of times, but the topics I found were quite old and e.g. some of the suggested things I couldn’t find on Android 12.

So I recently upgraded my FP3 from Android 10 dev to Android 12 dev (1.8.1-s-20230203257074-dev-FP3) with these steps because it seems Android 10 is not receiving security upgrades anymore unfortunately. On Android 10 the performance was quite good, nothing to complain. Now with Android 12, the phone is frequently not usable anymore, long lags, sometimes not responding for several seconds. Sometimes Android shows the dialog that the app is not responding anymore and if I would like to wait or kill it. I am using Osmand+ a lot and in the beginning it took around 2-3 minutes until I saw a map (with Android 10: couple of seconds). Switching to the OpenGL mode slightly improved things, but it’s still not a pleasure. Making a quick shot with the camera? Impossible, starting the app takes >6-7s. I am not having tons of apps on my phone, actually only essentials so I cannot really explain why the performance is that bad.

Any ideas what could be the issue or how to improve the situation?


Hi! It looks like v 1.8.1 dev is a bit unstable in some phones, specially FP3: Feedback for v1.8 - #141 by schwarz

We hope that the dev team will soon release a build that could fix some of the errors.

EDIT: I’ve a FP3 stable running smoothly android 11.



Ah thanks for the hint, good to know. Then it seems there is still hope. I already thought I had to buy a new telephone. :roll_eyes:

There is hope. My Fairphone 3 is on /e/OS Android 12 for a while now and performance is good, battery life is good.
I didn’t find time to update to 1.8.1 yet, and it seems I got lucky with this. Can happen.

Hello Snafu,

my FP3 reacts very much like yours after the update to 1.8.1-s-20230203257074-dev-FP3. I hope, the next update will fix these issues very soon.

I don’t think that you have to buy an new phone (maybe you were just waiting for a reason to do so :wink: ). Afaik it is possible to go back to Android 11 (Android R). But you have to unlock the bootloader first and that would wipe all your data from the phone.

And before locking the bootloader again, make sure that fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability_ gave 1 beforehand locking the phone?

If you get 0, don’t lock your phone, because locking will brick your phone.

Has this been observed on FP3, too? I thought this was a Fairphone 4 issue.

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O, I mixed up the Fairphone 4 with the Fairphone 3.

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