Any good /e/ android PC suite out there?

Hello everyone, I really miss my old Nokia PC suite days.
It was really amazing, with a simple USB or bluetooth connection, we could handle SMS, contacts, images, make/receive calls.

There are some suites out there but I could fine none that handles phone calls directly.

Is this maybe a nice feature to add to the /e/ OS? It will definitely make me happy :smiley: but I think many other users will find it handy as well.

would you use this feature too?
Let me know!
Cheers from the snowy Netherlands :snowflake:

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I don’t know if this is exactly what you are looking for, but if you use the KDE desktop (a Linux distribution), you can use KDE Connect to share data between your phone and your PC without any accounts. You can browse and send files, share clipboard and notifications, reply to sms and more. I don’t think you can answer phone calls but you can at least see a desktop notification about it.

More info here

The only restriction is you have to be on the same network, so if you are on a public Wifi network, you can simply create a hotspot from your phone.

Making one for /e/ would be hard I think, as these softwares depend heavily on your desktop OS.

i use Microsoft Your Phone

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On GNOME desktops you can use the GSConnect shell extension which is basically a fork of KDE connect adapted to GNOME.

It works great and has plenty of features. I think you cannot make nor receive calls from the computer though.

MyPhoneExplorer can do most of that (How To and FAQ).
Handling of images might be less comfortable compared to the Nokia Suite, as far as I can remember, but you can at least sync them to your computer.

MyPhoneExplorer can at least initiate calls, but it’s the phone doing the calls as far as I see currently (I never use this feature, perhaps there’s more to it).

Thanks everyone for the feedback! Still not sure what to install, but will take all of these into account.