Anybody selling a Fairphone 2 with /e/?

Maybe it´s not allowed this kind of topics in this forum. So you can remove it in that case.

I havent found anything respecting selling/buying devices with /e/. Probably it´s not under the policy of this community to have this category.

The thing is, that i was interested in getting a fairphone 2 with E,and as i dont mind to have it second hand, i wonder if anybody in the community was up to sell the phone. I havent found it in other webpages (ebay, second hand webs…).


We could have the /e/ devs make a section of the website just for a marketplace sort of thing, with /e/ recieving maybe a 5% royalty for 100% of sales made there …
What does anybody think?

And, so sorry @K71, I do not happen to have the FP2 with /e/… :cry:

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You might try to get a second hand FP2 in the Fairphone community market. You can then flash /e/ yourself. Flashing it is IMO relatively simple as the bootloader comes unlocked.


Thank you ff2u,
I didnt know that forum; i will have a look at the offers. Regards!

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I sell mine Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos SM-G960F