Anyone can tell me their experiences about FP3+?

I want to install the Rom myself.
e foundation is testing the build for FP3+
Should be online next week. But I just want to know if the phone itself is any good.
The reason why I ask if eos is already installed is because I read that eos is pre-installed on the latest specimen of this phone.
Its not necessary to install it twice?
if I don’t know if it’s already installed and I instal it a second time.
I hope u understand what I mean.

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I have a FP3+ with Lineage OS and I use the camera with Open Camera (Camera2-API).
I think the Cameras are really good. Well, I just switched from a FP2 and the FP3(+) is a big step forward. It’s much bigger and heavier. But that’s good, one get used to it. The screen is so big, have to use both hands always, but I like it. And the battery last a lot longer. I have no issues at all, everything works just fine.
In conclusion, the FP3(+) has so much more value. I am really happy with it.

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Thank u for ur answer.
I decided to wait with a fairphone.
And did go for a s9+

I assume you use the LOS 17.1 GSI, right?
Or the “standard” LOS 16.0?

yes, you are right.
At first I made a big mistake and installed eos. Cameras and Speaker were not working.
But I found this GSI with OTA:
Now everything works fine, except the bluetooth headsets. I assume this is an gsi issue.

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I think I’m going to do that.
Any info as concerns that date of Nov. 9th, which actually is tomorrow at the time of this writing?
I’m interested to know (not specially accelerate, but know) the delivery delay…

hi :slight_smile:

I would like to have the same kind of return but with /e/ pre-installed on FP3+.

Does everything work? And if so, what about the quality of the photos? Are they like Android delivered by FairPhone?

At 500€ per phone, I prefer to ask before buying :slight_smile:

Thanks to all of you

Well I think I can contribute to that. I used FP3+ for my daily driver since two weeks.

The Phone

Its heavy, its chunky, its a brick. Nobody can deny that. However this has some advantages: no slippery phone anymore. I personnaly like that. My last phone I loved was the Lumia 950. RIP Windows phone. The FP3+ is big and the buttons on the left side need some acclimatization time.

The fingerprint sensor is too high and too small. You can read this in other reviews. It’s a good feeling that you can replace many modules if they break. The screen is ok. Personally I don’t mind the bars at the top and bottom. My son said spontaneously: Daddy, finally you have an iPhone (which I would never do)!

The sound quality while calling is at the lower end. If you are used to Nokia or high class phones, you will notice the difference. But it works and serves its purpose.

The reception of the mobile phone signal is only ok and could be better. But also here the FP3+ is in the midd range.

Now we come to the camera. It is a bit difficult to write something about the camera, because it depends very much on the camera app and how it plays out the advantages of the camera module.

My user behavior is important here. Besides the many functions of a smartphone, the camera is almost the most important one for me. And unfortunately I am disappointed. You can see that it has a strong sensor. But the default camera app of /e/ is simply - excuse my French - bad. And I mean really very bad. The pictures are noisy, no matter if in daylight or in bad lighting conditions. The contrast is too high in the default settings, etc.

So I downloaded OpenCamera and the results are a bit better. But not much better. Unfortunately I don’t have the possibility to test the Fairphone Camera App in the original and I would be interested if the results are better or worse. My feeling tells me that they are much better. Too bad that /e/ did not have the possibility to port the original Camera App. Really very sad.

Insert: Well, what can I say, I used “NGCam_7.4.104-v1.8-fix.apk” (see below) as Camera App and… amazing! I usually would NEVER recomend to anyone to download apk’s from other sources than official app-stors or at least f-droid standard repo’s. However this does the job. Really, really good. Please, please dear /e/-Team, try to use a fork of this or similar as deafault.

Let’s get to the operating system.

/e/ does a lot of things right - but you can clearly see that it is in beta stage. Often I unlock the phone and then realize that the icons are all moved. It is completely unclear why. The fingerprint sensor does not work reliably, but that does not bother me.

Interesting is what makes /e/ different than e.g. lineageOS. Besides the FP3+ I use a OnePlus 6T with lineageOS 16.1. Some apps that run on the OnePlus do not run on /e/ and vice versa. This is confusing, but since there are much more apps running on /e/ than on LOS it is ok.
Some apps activate eSpeak and cause the apps and eSpeak to crash. For whatever reason. For example the default camera app.

Interesting are the following things concerning security. The default settings do not give the apps any rights at first. This is good. Why an operating system that is designed for data security microG has implemented is completely unclear to me. I think it has the opposite effect on the security of the data usage.

Funny side: /e/ uses for support Telegram-Messenger - one of the most unsecure Messengers on this planet. Don’t get me wrong but this is hillarious. Why not install Threema by default?

What is really fun and convinces me: the /e/ team has developed a lot to make a de-googled cell phone possible and to save the user the installation of lineageOS. It would be nice if /e/ would bring this knowledge back to the community with the release of a LineageOS for FP3+.

The FP3+ with /e/ is a solid smartphone and offers the possibility to move around (almost - see above) without Google. Cheers! Good job!

@Bristow concerning the price: remember this is the actual price for a smartphone. The prices you get with custom-Googled-Android phones includ selling your data. So smartphones in the 500 € pice range cost much more in production, keep children in slavery and contribute massively to pollution and climate change. Isn’t it worth to pay the real price for a phone to do a little better?


You might want to try ports of the Google Camera App.
At least for the Fairphone 3 old camera these ports made quite a difference in quality and features.


Shure - but did the /e/-team did not use a OpenCamera-Port for a reason? I think I will try it - but I have a bad feeling using Google-ports.

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It’s Open Source and halfway device-independent (/e/ runs on many different devices).

@AnotherElk Tried the port. Amazing. However, it would be nice for /e/ to have a decent Camera App as default.

Wouhh, thanks a lot for your post !

For your last remark, figure that I have exactly the same expectations with a smartphone, Fairphone and /e/ is the perfect winning duo from my point of view but 500€ is a small sum anyway :slight_smile:

Just for the record: Got an OTA Update today. System-Camera is now way better in default mode. I don’t know if even something has been changed concerning the app and camera profile but now it is almost sattisfying.

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thanks for your critique. i can share the most points. however, i do find the fingerprint sensor at a very good spot if you use the forefinger to release it.
re camera: after trying some different (possibly open source) cameras i ended up with google camera on a de-googeled phone… haha thats weired!

You might at least consider to deny any internet access for the G. camera app in the app settings (if it has internet permission at al).

With the lates OTA Update or /e/ version the OpenCamera works as nearly as good as the G-Camera. So I think this is solved.

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Hi, I just bought a fairphone3+ and installed eOS with the latest image (
Everything worked perfectly for one day including the camera app, I had now eOS with Android 10 and was happy.
Next day everything worked but making or recieving a call. Mobile data works, I can use internet, I recieve sms but no calls. Someone who cals me get the information that I am not available.
As it worked in the beginning I can only asume some interference with aps I installed but deliting all apps didn’t solve it. I posted this issue. Unti now no one answere. I would like to know if there is anyone whose FP4+ works with eOS.

I see that nobody answered so far in your other topic: No phone calls possible a day after flashing eOS on FP3+

As the title is quite specific and fitting I think it would be good to respond there about the call issues.

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Just this moment I possibly found a solution . I deactivated Threma- calls (for those who don’ know, Threema is an alternativ messenger) Caling and receiving calls is working know. hopefully it is only a bug n the Threema app
Thank you Ingo, for reacting and beeing helpful , you are realy an angel