Anyone uses GPS? (Galaxy S7)

GPS is a nice feature that our smartphones offer nowedays but I can’t make it work on my Galaxy S7 with /e/ OS 1.1 installed. In other words, the Magic Earth app does not show my position.
My settings: phone location is ON, and location in Advanced Privacy is set as Exposed.
Any idea felow /e/users?

You may have covered this when you say

: phone location is ON

but did you check

Settings > Location > App permission

to see how Magic Earth is recorded there?

I hadn’t checked these settings, @aibd, but Magic Earth is set to allow only when in use, so it should allow the location when I use the app…
and it says that Magic Earth accessed my location 1 hour ago…

this issue seems to be related. Indeed my false location appears in Magic Earth when Advance settings are set to location False, but real location never seems to work: No more real Location since 1.1 (#5770) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

So Magic Earth used location but did not give a fix?

Magic Earth is known to use a backend to collect location information from other network sources.

Have you tried to use a more simple Map like OpenTracks? This uses GPS only so is usually up and running quite fast. Ideally (if you want to use it) you want to decide whether to install either the offline or online Dashboard from OpenTracks.

If you thought it might be a GPS hardware issue you might install the GPSTest app.

I treat it as a feature of Magic Earth that I need to give it 24 hours “training” out and about, preferably switching between my home wifi, mobile data and other wifi (my particular favourite – wifi on a bus or train) with Magic Earth running.

Now seeing your issue report, if Advanced privacy is to blame, many of us are finding it a daily chore to Clear storage/data from Advanced privacy – my feeling is that Advanced privacy behaves as if it has not “cleared off” if ever switchced on!

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Solved for now! Thanks @aibd . I installed the OpenTracks app and Magic Earth suddenly started to show location (after some minutes. I don’t know how many minutes because I left my phone alone for some minutes and Magic Earth was working when I came back).

Yes, Magic Earth seems to be a bit capricious.

I don’t know if I’ll still need OpenTracks for Magic Earth to work. Let’s see.