App cannot login

Hi ! I am using /e/ for about 6 months and I am experiencing an issue with several app. For some apps which need an account I cannot sign in neither sign up. I get different messages like “something gets wrong”. I have waited several /e/ updates but nothing has changed. Any idea how to solve this ? I’ve seen this can be caused by MicroG. I would point out that I am a beginner in /e/ and in informatics :slight_smile:

Hi, you can check this list of apps which work or do not work on /e/. Some apps need the full compliment of google code in the background. With /e/OS being a de-googled OS these apps may not work.

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Thank you, I hadn’t seen this topic. So there is no way to use an app that doesn’t work with microG ? Like installing the missing Google code and giving access to it only to the apps that don’t work ?