App Lounge does not seem to connect to google content

My phone is a Samsung Note 10+ (SM-N975F)
Just upgraded to /e/os 1.20 yesterday. (From /e/OS 1.19, using adb)
Everything went fine, the phone booted up nicely.

My only problem is that it seems that App Lounge cannot access google contents.
When I start up app lounge, the icons are flashing grey placeholders for the top 6 sections.
Only the Open Source and PWA app icons are visible normally.
This is how it looks:

I tried to:
-logout from google then sigh back in in app lounge
-Delete Storage and Cache in settings/apps (then login to google in app lounge)
-switch off all privacy settings on the first screen (tracking, fake geolocation and hide ip address)
-remove my google accounts (microG) in system settings and creating it again
Nothing seems to work so far.

Is there any idea how to make app lounge work again?

If I log in anonymously App Lounge works fine.
Oh, one more thing: the problem might be deeper than just App Lounge:
I experienced the same with thing with Aurora Store (I also signed into to google in Aurora but no apps visible here as well)

Thanks a lot,


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App Lounge and Aurora have same base, as far as I know. I also had problems directly after update. Either reboot or
waiting the next day solved it

Thank you mihi I will wait, it seems nothing else I can do anyway. (Apart from the factory reset, but even that might not solve the problem)

Factory reset is the last thing you should do.

I have a similar issue, but which is new since 1.20 update. I cannot access&install the general (google) apps anymore anonymiously. It doesnt work on none of my phones: FP4, Samsung S8, S8+, S9.
Restarting the phone doesnt help.
Is this how it is supposed to be?
Would appreciate a short reply.

Then your problem is more extensive than mine!
I am having problem with App Lounge only when I am logged in with my google account.
It works fine with the anonymous user. (I can list, install and update the app)

With 1.20 the API was integrated, you should report this problem.

Did you try to erase the storage of the app?

Did you see this troubleshooting guide ?

It may be worth seeing if you get different results when using mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Yes, thank you, I have followed this guide, but it did not help unfortunately. Also tried erasing storage and cache several times.

I have opened a gitlab issue for this:

I hope that this problem will be fixed sooner or later.


I have the same issue but I’m still in /e/OS 1.19.

I follow the guide provided by @aibd: As I was connected with a Google account in the App Lounge, I logged out. It works better now. I get apps list in the Home screen and I can get all results in the Search screen.

Kind regards,


I have followed that guide but it did not solve my problem unfortunately.
For me, everything was working fine on version /e/OS 1.19.
Trouble came when I manually upgraded to /e/OS 1.20

In the end, I have decided to do a factory reset but it did not solve the issue. I hope that a new update will do the trick soon.

Hello tvandorffy,
I have exactly the same problem than you. I opened a discussion on the french forum a few weeks ago (App Lounge ne fonctionne plus avec connexion google) but found no solution so far.
On my side, it’s been like this for a while now, even with a former version of /e/OS I had on my galaxy S9 (that I just broke). I know have a brand new install (Android 13 e-1.20) on a Galaxy S10e, and the issue is still here. I am annoyed, because this google account is the one with which I had paid a few apps that I’d like to continue using.
I think it should be noted that, when you connect to google from App Lounge, the following warning pops up:
"We recommend using a dedicated Google account to:

  • mitigate micro-targeting
  • limit impact in case this account is retricted by Google"

My feeling (but I have no proof wathsoever) is that we are in the case where the account has been restricted by Google. But I don’t know how to verify it (this account works fine otherwise), and if it is possible to find a solution for this…
Well, I have a hint…: when I log on with another google account, App Loung behaves as expected. So for me, the problem comes from the google account, that would have been “restricted” by google…

I hope some people here will have an idea on how to solve it. Otherwise, I’ll have to create yet another google account, (re)buy my apps from another telephone, and install them on my /e/OS…

It’s all working fine today, not sure why! Maybe some update… :smiley:

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