App Store Crashes after New Update

Just got /e/ running on my OnePlus 6 and I like it. However, there are a few workarounds i’ve had to do. No big deal, however, I just installed 0.7-2019093025422 the other day and now when I download an app from the Apps Store, upon completing the download, the app crashes. I don’t know if this is the correct avenue to inform people about, but I would like to provide feedback to you guys as I love the concept and the software!

Hi @robbiej the issue could be with the specific app you are trying to install. This happens in cases where the app in App Installer is not the latest version or has issues with our microG version. You can download the app from Aurora store and try installing it. That is a workaround while we try to figure out why it is not working on AppStore. BTW what app were you trying to install?

i’ll try the aurora. it was spotify. I downloaded it on the previous version and it downloaded, but it hung and then crashed at the logo screen. Spotify Lite works fine. I’ll try with Aurora Store and report back

There is an issue with the latest spotify builds as has been reported here as well.


I downloaded Aurora, installed spotify, and it worked fine!