App updates with signal

I just got a notification from signal that there’s an update available. Since the newest /e/ build was also available, I decided to update that first. Now the notification for the signal update has disappeared.

Two questions. First, should I update other apps that have been installed with the standard /e/ package, or would this cause something to potentially bugger out at me? And second of all, is this an issue, the fact that the update notification for signal is now gone? I have opened the app and gone under settings, but there’s nowhere for me to have it update.

The phone in question is currently not connected to any service at the moment, just my wifi.

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The system apps …the applications that are installed along with the /e/ ROM are all tested for their ability to work together. Updating an app from that group separately may upset this ‘balance’. That may be the reason why the notifications are failing. Ideally this should not happen and moving ahead once we have the /e/ app store and installer integrated this issue should not come up.

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Good to know, thanks! The notification didn’t come back up after the update, and everything seems to be working fine. I figured they were all intended to work together in a particular fashion. I’m looking forward to more advancements coming soon.

Please can you raise a defect for this under to facilitate tracking. Please add Logcat files to assist the team debug the issue.

I just submitted this. I got the logs off of the signal app, which allowed me to copy & paste a link for them. I haven’t been able to connect the phone to my other computer at the moment, to ssh into it and get logs that way. I’ll post those when I’m able to do so.

Thanks @veeve01 for the updates and feedback