Application notations in /e/ Apps

I have just migrated to the /e/Os system.
Apparently we can’t rate the applications yet.

I have to say that I miss it in order to value the good apps and to give feedback on the bad ones.

When will this feature be available?

By the way, I noticed that open source applications are not rated (N/D), and the others are. So where do these ratings come from ? From the PlayStore maybe ?

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It’s an unfilled need - currently there is no way to contribute votes directly, there is no infrastructure for this yet. I filed your question to the ratings origin into the (closed) issue User ratings always N/A (#2471) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

An independent App compatability and voting API supplementing cleanapk would of course be very nice: for non-gplay / non-microg / microg users specifically. This would give a better signal than e.g. Google Play ratings.

For compatability (not user ratings) there exists Search interface to microg App compatability - but I outlined disadvantages to that project in that post.

open source applications are not rated (N/D)

yes, F-Droid has no voting infra either. A client like G-Droid uses some metrics to calculate a rating though.

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thx for your clear answer