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I cannot use anymore Signal & Whatsapp applications because it says I don’t have the lastest version. But when I go my app store, it doesn’t find any update to do. Is it normal ? What can I do to have again access to those two app ?



Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

which version of /e/ are you using? Signal app is regulary updated on the /e/ version 1.4 via App Lounge.

You will find some interesting points here:

…or use Langis:
Langis (Signal application modified to no longer depend on Google Play Services (see description for more details))

Thanks a lot !

I succeed to update the app by Aurora.

I did check the version /e/ I have and it’s still the version 0.9 … but it don’t propose me to update it to v1.4 ?

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It’s depands of your device. Which phone do you use ? Which android version ?


It’s a Fairphone 3, android 9.

The last Android 9 version was 0.23, this is what you should get offered in the updater.
For Android 9, this would be the end then, for now …


Just for information, besides Langis you can also use Molly FOSS if you don’t want to depend on Google (or at least MicroG):

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