Applications in /e/ "app store"

Ciao, Poste ID funziona ma Ufficio Postale non funziona la ricerca e visualizzazione da mappa, come certe altre app che usano le mappe G00g1€

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Official id in belgium

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Please add

com.db.pbc.phototan.db (photo TAN app for large German bank)

Please can you add this apps?¿ Thanks a lot


Here WeGo maps:


Hello there!

I’d love to see my banking app in /e/ app store:

By the way - I know that this custom rom is still in it’s beta but is it possible that Signal gets updatet through the app store? I’m receiving a notification that signal is out of date :frowning:

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// EDIT //

Another awesome app which is missing:

org.torproject.torbrowser (It’s the stable version and should be prefered to the alpha version)

E come faccio per installarla? Non c’e sull app-store, neanche su
Non importa, sono riuscito a farlo (e su, grazie comunque.

I can’t see any of french bank apps (la banque postale, societe generale, credit agricole). Is there a reason for that? I really need to get them for online paiement

Native mobile Bank apps will hardly be available.
However, most of the time, their web app is working well on mobiles.
Did you try them and would that be an option for you?

would be good.

scusa il ritardo, sono in un periodo “centrifuga”… vedo che hai gia’ trovato. apkpure o yalp store vanno bene (preferisco l’app apkpure, piu’ affidabile). ciao

Could be nice to add Sesterce in the store (nice tools for splitting bills or group expenses)
-> io.sesterce.androidapp

It’s free, french and developed by two guys in their spare time o/
(and tracker free as far as I know)

Speaking of french App, I don’t see the lydia app either
-> com.lydia


I have bank account in several different banks so I use Linxo (com.linxo.androlinxo). I also use the “Mes paiements” app from la banque postale (com.lbp.peps) to validate my online paiments with 3Dsecure and paylib. These apps don’t have any webapp so I can’t use them anymore.

For those apps, you can try to use Yalp Store or Aurora Store.

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Airtable : Spreadsheet, meet database. (Saas)
Should be a future leader.
My suggestion is, if compatible with /e/ mindset, to add it in the /e/ AppStore
Best regards

I would love to see