Apps crash when using some form of maps after latest update to 0.13-p

Hi all,

I just updated my Xiaomi Poco F1 to 0.13-p and now I experience frequent app crashes with apps that where working on 0.12-p.

It looks like it’s related to the use of maps in the application themselves.

For example, opening some whatsapp conversations makes the app crash while others do not. The common denominator seems to be that in the conversations a location has been send.

Also several of my drive hailing apps don’t work anymore. They crash the moment they load a map to show the location.

Has anyone experienced similar issues? Are the devs aware of this or where can I report the issue? Also, has anyone tried to downgrade to 0.12-p or are any issues expected with that?

Kind regards,

You can report issues here add logs where possible to help users debug the issue.