Apps keep crashing

I just installed e/OS/ (1.9-20230312268580) on my FP2 but a few apps (signal and the stock camera) do not open, they just keep closing when I try to open them.

Else …

I have rebooted several times. I have tried setting different permissions, force stopped the apps and updated e/OS/ to 1.11-20230512289175. The stock camera started working but signal still does not open, it just crashes. This is a huge problem with paramount importance, as I just transferred my signal from my previous phone, hundreds of thousands of messages and many gigabytes. I cannot lose this data.

1.9 had camera issues on a few devices including the Fairphone 2, 1.10 delivered a fix.

I don’t have Signal on my Fairphone 2 to test this, I’m using Langis on my Fairphone 3.

Without being able to open the App? Or did it start initially, and after transferring it doesn’t start anymore?

Initially it started, but showed just the page where one can choose to transfer from an old phone. Now it doesn’t start at all.

I’m not an expert in transferring Signal data (worked for me when I had to do it some time ago), but if you can somehow do the transfer again I would recommend using a Signal fork without Google dependencies on an OS like /e/OS which doesn’t have the genuine Google stuff onboard. microG as a replacement does a really good job overall, but such Google-dependent Apps can always fail nonetheless in some way or other.
In case of Signal, there are alternatives like e.g. Signal-FOSS or Langis.

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