Are there any Americans using this service and the eOS?

Appreciate the offer to help. Still I have not really serious looked at a phone which would be compatible with my carrier. These questions I am asking are to ensure I am capable of the troubleshooting and the how and where aspects. How did you come to the knowledge the issue was configuration tweaks and did you find the support from someone on these forums?

For know I must find the bands of my carrier and see which phones have those bands is that correct? Is there anything else I need to check on? Since there will be a different OS on the phone, eOS, does it matter if the phone I purchase is Locked or Unlocked? What would it matter? Lastly could I transfer my sim card from my Apple 6sPlus directly to this phone I purchase for eOS?

Thank you

I would look at what devices are compatible first here - you might not care about having the latest/greatest seeing how you are using an iPhone 6. But what phone you decide to use might affect how installation goes.

Samsung for example - their USA market phones won’t work due to using different processors here, but the global verions will run /e/ OS and should be fine on GSM carriers in the USA - like T-Mobile and I think AT&T which somebody else in this thread uses. IIRC the Galaxy S9 was one of the newer phones in the compatibility list, you can find these global versions on eBay.

If one catches your eye, do a search for it on these forums and read if anyone has had problems getting /e/ installed/working, etc. You can also look on GSM Arena to find frequency specs for lots of phones, if not every phone out there. might be of use as well.

I would start with those few things first.

T-Mobile is used by the mobile communications subsidiaries of the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG they have month to month for about 68$ and is very good, I travel back and forth to Germany and Europe from US, and have no problem.

Samsung SM-G960F Galaxy S9 works excellent! …so far I’ve been testing and have not run into any issues, really nice! Running version 10. First discover international European based company’s. The US has no interest in consumer privacy, so I build these phones myself for a few of my friends ordering Samsung Exynos chips set phones is not hard you can get them on and maybe elsewhere. I don’t use Amazon. Sadly US will not have rebuilt phones in fores sable future from Europe but I believe legislation and consumer advocacy may change that.

Stay away from ATT and Verizon, study their security and breach history the personality of a ISP and how they handle security and ( what privacy they offer is their footprint and behavior) . None are perfect of course, its a lot more then just apps and convenience. Privacy and security first. :slight_smile: :+1:

I have a Motorola X4 with Lineage so I would like to try to load e on that.


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What is GSM and GSM Arena. These are terms unfamiliar with in the States.
Also for tweaking which Linux flavor does one need for /e/? Mint? Ubuntu?

Linux is not a requirement, but you could use it if you like. I can’t help you there because I don’t use Linux anymore.

If you’re using Windows, you might only need to use a couple of command lines, kind of like using DOS. If you want more help you can send me a private message instead if you like.

The major carriers use(d) different technologies which is something to consider. T-Mobile and AT&T are GSM, Verizon and Sprint are/were CDMA.
My beloved LG G3 (I really liked that phone, went through four of them) had a bunch of variants for each network. I had the TMO version, my friend had the Sprint version. Same on the outside, completely different network protocol inside.

That’s also something to look out for when searching the used market. You wouldn’t want to buy something for your AT&T based network and find out it only works with Sprint or Verizon’s network.

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You don’t use Linux… now I’m curious as to why.

Both GSM and GSM Arena are known in the US among more techy people.

GSM’s evil US cousin is CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and is used by Sprint and Verizon. It’s supposed to be sunsetting (taken down) soon, if not already in favor of GSM.

This is interesting and like you to elaborate more on this. We in the USA do not about these matters as you boys do. It has become very corrupt with Big Tech, Media, and Washington, DC.

Is GSM AT&T and T Mobile?

I do run LInux Mint on a dual boot but Cornfarmer says he no longer does.

Appreciate your responses.


I live in the USA! I know quite a bit about phones.

AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM
Verizon and Sprint were CDMA

You are a dream come true!!!
Tell me which make and model I should purchase.

You have the answer here :

How did I miss that?

Thanks piero.

Remember, /e/ compatible phones are listed here.

You mean « officially supported »
I share others list

GSI /Device support (Project Treble)


Putting this here as it seems US/CAN customers can now order pre-installed phones.


Excited they’re now shipping to the US! I bought the Galaxy S9 and received it yesterday. I tried using it on my current plan (Cricket, which is on the AT&T network, which is GSM) and it does not work. They told me the device is not supported because they are phasing out 3G. I’m not sure how the two are related, but just a heads up if anyone is in the same boat. Crossing my fingers T mobile will work since that appears to be the only other GSM network in the US…

I’m using a Galaxy S9 SM-G960F D/S purchased on Swappa. I did the conversion to /e/ myself following postings of SusieQ. Switched to T-Mobile on Feb15 because no work on Verizon. No problems so far with T-M. Verizon is also phasing out 3G.

Hello @dsand and welcome. I am using a S9 on the AT&T network via the RedPocket Mobile MVNO without any issues whatsoever. If you’re going to check them out, it’s the “GSMA” plan. Hope that helps and good luck.