Audio issues with the Oneplus 5T

Overall, the my experience with /e/ on the Oneplus 5T has been very positive. For a beta, there seem to be very few bugs or problems with the underlying system. I’ve found that many of my needs can be addressed by various FOSS apps.

One issue that I have not been able to resolve is related to the aux/headphone jack. This may be unique to my use case. I have a substantial commute and like to use the aux/line-in connection to my car’s audio system for listening to audio books and podcasts, as well as the occasional phone call in the car via the headphone jack. For whatever reason, it seems that the volume of the audio coming from the headphone jack is capped at a substantially lower level than the old iPhone that I had been using. Because of this, I am forced to crank up the volume of my car’s audio system. Even when the phone and the car’s system are at max volume, audio is still too low for me to hear. I discovered an audio-book app called “Voice” that allows me to manually boost the audio beyond the max. This allows me to listen to material in the Voice app at an acceptable level but does nothing to affect the phone’s maximum volume output outside of that particular app.

I also experience horrendous low-frequency feedback from my car’s speakers when making phone calls via the aux input. This may be caused by the fact that my car’s volume must be cranked up to a higher than usual level in order to hear. Ultimately, it is impossible to make phone calls via the aux input for this reason.

I can also confirm that the volume is extremely low when using wired headphones connected to the headphone jack. I wasn’t able to find any settings that would let me increase the maximum volume output through the jack nor was I able to find an app that would accomplish this from a system-wide level. Does anyone have a possible solution to this? Thanks again.


Did you try xda-developers forum ?
There was a problem with the oneplus one “bacon” concerning the calls sound : it was at very low level when the system was upgraded from lolipop to nougat.
Some solutions were found : here is one of them :slight_smile:

Thanks- I did check XDA. Frankly, a lot of this is over my head but from reading the XDA forums, I gathered that there may be a way for me to modify the coding in a particular file to increase the volume if I had root access, which I do not. I don’t know how labor intensive it would be to root the phone and play with XML files. I was hoping that there may be an app that could boost the volume. I found a couple in the Google Play store but they seem to be particularly abusive to the user’s privacy.

Hi @mousersmb2 please raise this as an issue on Gitlab mentioning that it is an issue with the device and share the XDA links and any other information you can attach like logs. Since it is a hardware issue could be a bit difficult to resolve and the development team would need all the help they can get.

Thanks- I’ll do that. Is there a particular log that I should include in regards to audio volume?

You can add the log generated by the method as suggested here.