Audio Problems: Galaxy s9+ e0.16 android 10


  • Speaker doesn’t work for video or audio player.
  • Mic doesn’t work for recorder.
  • Headset works fine
  • Speaker works fine for alarm and ringing.
  • Phone in normal mode neither speaker nor mic work.
  • Phone in speakerphone mode, both speaker and mic work
  • ? Dual speaker audio feature not working (edited to add this one)

I’ve had this newish phone for a few days. Initially was on android 8, then equivalent e-0.16-o version via easy installer.
Then went through the pain and suffering of returning the phone to stock android 10, then installed
I’m pretty sure the phone worked normally with the Oreo firmware loaded.

Phone is SM-G965F New Zealand version.

Does anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it.

Partial fix found. I rebooted into TWRP and did a cache wipe as suggested here.

No idea why this would work but it did.

Remaining problem is that phone audio is very quiet in normal mode. (speaker mode and headset are ok).

I read that changing /etc/mixer_paths.xml may be a solution, but I don’t know if I can do that without root access.

For dual-speaker, I think that lineageos supported it see here