Aurora store MicroG update

Hi there,

I have a Fairphone 3 with eOS directly installed from /e/ foundation.
The Aurora store shows an update for MicroG. is it necessary to update this or not. It states that it will have trackers.
I’m new to this all and know not much about android…

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

please but the MicroG update and all other default apps from e on the Blacklist of Aurora, because you can’t update them. You have to wait til next eOS upgrade


thank you harvey186. then i’ll wait

Here are the release notes.

So the part about trackers is about the Exposure Notifications API.

I updated microG a few days ago and I can confirm that the Exposure Notifications API is disabled by default (I’m not using /e/ but I doubt /e/ will enable it by default). I hope that can answer to the worries about privacy.

The one important piece not mentioned. Aurora Store does NOT have an update to microG. microG has the same package name as Google Play Services so Aurora isn’t offering an update to microG but to Play Services.
Don’t forget that Aurora Store is a front end to the Play Store.
So be careful and do as @harvey186 suggests and blacklist /e/OS default apps (might have different signatures anyway and fail to install) to avoid any confusion/problems.

Thank you for the clarification, marcdw!