Backporting /e/ to older Android version? How far back is possible?

Hi all,
Recently I said I’d like to have /e/ work on my Nokia N1 and Tesco Hudl. My main reason for this is that they haven’t been updated for years but still have plenty of life left in the hardware.
So, can /e/ be backported to earlier Android versions? I know that many people won’t be interested in this so much, but it would breath new life into older devices and allow them to be used for longer which can only be a good thing.
The N1 is on Lollipop and the Tesco Hudl is on Jelly Bean. JB is a long way back, so may be very difficult to achieve, but what about Lollipop? This would be based on CM12, could it be done?
There are also still millions of devices running Marshmallow, it’s still one of the most commonly used versions of Android, so providing a way to get more life into those devices would be great.
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I have tried to go back to CM13 but building was always failing. So I have give it up.

Can you unlock the bootloaders on either device?

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All my devies are unlocked because I never use stock android. As soon as I get a “new” used phone I unlock it and use a custom rom.

Before I buy a phone, I’m always searching the web how to unlock bootloader. If there is no unlock available I won’t buy the phone

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Hi @harvey186 thanks for the feedback on your efforts to go backwards, sad to hear it didn’t work.

@b3pio I think the Hudl is always unlocked (but I can’t be certain)! And the N1 was possible but now it’s not, at least I didn’t find the method yet - I think the last OTA locked it and any attempt to unlock it has resulted in bricking :frowning: So maybe these two are not good candidates for back-porting /e/!

Cheers :slight_smile:

@madbilly Pretty limited to what you can do with a device which you can’t unlock the bootloader on. I recently had a Nokia device (android one) and although HMD (Nokia) caved in the end and allowed official bootloader unlock for a period of time it was already too late as most dev’s gave up and moved on from any development for it. So I just sold it as it was.


Oh you had Nokia 8 as well :smiley: Yes bootloader unlock is one thing, interest from capable developers is another. Both are needed.


No, worse haha… Nokia 8 Sirocco. Great hardware, poor support from dev community and HMD…

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We had contacted two Nokia device maintainers who agreed to build the ROM with /e/ code. Have not got any updates so far on the progress :frowning:

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@Manoj Which Nokia devices to be exact?

It was Nokia 6.1 but as I mentioned there was no update after that. Last I heard he wanted to integrate GAPPS with /e/ !!! Had to convince him not to try that combination out. Post that there was no update.

@Manoj :laughing: I don’t think they understood the mission of /e/ then, if they wanted to put GApps in. Unfortunately I don’t think the Android Nokia phones will ever be very hacker-friendly, so finding anyone who is capable of building /e/ for one and wants to do it will be difficult.

@b3pio, yes, nice hardware! Personally I would miss the SD card slot and option for dual SIM but apart from that very little to complain about… except the lousy support from HMD for anything, including fixing bugs they introduce themselves in “updates”.