Backup /e/ Fairphone 3

I have bought the Fairphone 3 from the /e/ store and all is well. The only trouble is that I currently do not have a proper backup solution (except of the things which are in Nextcloud) and the setup took several days (I do not want to repeat that!).

What I would like to have is an easy way to restore everything (apps, their configs and their data) on a new phone via USB to my Linux-PC if my phone gets stolen or breaks.

“adb backup” would do what I want but it seems like it is discouraged and it does not work for me (I could not confirm to start it on the /e/ device as the okay button was grayed out).

Is there some official /e/ backup solution? What can you recommend?

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Hello, thank you for your purchase !

A backup solution for Pie and Android 10 is in testing phase. But as far as I know you will be able to restore only on /e/ devices.

That sounds perfect!

Of course I only want to restore on /e/ devices. Actually, at the moment
for me it would be even enough if I can restore my /e/ on Fairphone.

Is there some way to participate with testing? I have a second Fairphone
and can try to restore there. Do you have a timeline for that feature?

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If you want to join the beta testing team the procedure is described e.g. in OS Upgrade - Volunteer Testers Required - Next Set of Devices for OS Upgrade

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I haven’t found any documentation for the feature set of the backup solution under development, but as a user, I would suggest the significant value of a builtin backup system approximating the features of Titanium Backup.

Titanium has been important for me in maintaining my Android life as I move from device to device without dependency on the proprietary cloud-based data backup design in standard Android. Nevertheless, this dependency has prevented a complete freedom from commercial software and services during general use of these systems. Thus, comparable functionality through the capabilities of /e/ OS would be invaluable.

I would also suggest the value of a backup format that is not only open, but also straightforward enough that others could develop applications for interoperable backup or restore operations running under standard Android.