Bank app don't work for me

I have some app that don’t work for me.

  • Credit Mutuel : error in the app during auth
  • Shine : the security sms for login don’t arrived
  • Wilov : the security sms for login don’t arrived

I think all this app use lot of Google code.
I need this app in my phone (so i’m not on /e/ anymore… but i want)

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

If you really (really!) are dependent on Apps which need Google services, then /e/ is out of the question for you, because it doesn’t have the real Google services, and thus the stuff you really need could break at any time for an unforeseeable amount of time (until microG might catch up with Google’s changes to their services again).

Part one is more or less normal. You can try my hack with magisk hide.

Part 2 and 3 is not normal. SMS should arrive. Are you able to send and receive other SMS?

For this app, yeah… no choice.
I know it work with OpenGapp. But with microG, it’s not fully okay.

Please don’t try installing gapps on eOS. It won’t work (thanks god)

yeah of course.
But i know this app work this Lineageos + OpenGapp

sure, OpenGapps are including goolag services.

And that’s why I have pleased you, don’t try installing O-Gapps in eOS. It will fail and it has not to stay on a goolag free OS.