Bank application issues

With new european policy the hello bank app didnt work on e smartphone. It said the app or smartphone is not safe while on google smartphone it works. Someone could say if it could be fix?

Hi @carlopix have you tried the options given here

Hi, do you know the search option in this forum ?? If you will use it, you will find answers :wink:

It needs to be an OFFICIAL build on your phone, on UNOFFICIAL or COMMUNITY builds I succeeded to install, but never to use a banking app. The app seems to find my phone rooted, even if it is not at the time of usage. Really sorry on some phones there is only a community supported build available. It has to be official for banking. On OFFICIAL installing and using a banking app works fine.

Now the app is update and it works :grinning:

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Great, good to hear. Enjoy e

Hi @carlopix,
I’m very interested in the way you managed to install HelloBank! app… it’s not in the Apps store, so where did you find it ?
(I know there’s a “how-to” post elsewhere in the forum, but I don’t understand a word of it… Maybe you have another magical - and simple - solution for me !!)
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Download the apk with aurora. You can find aurora in apps store or f-droid

Yes aurora store as harvey186 said
Download f-droid apk
From f-droid app store you could add aurora store
From aurora store there is hellobank! App

Thanks @carlopix and @harvey186 :+1:

Rabobank (Netherlands) app works! Downloaded and installed via Yalp Store (fork) because Aurora and Yalp didn’t work

Have someone had any luck with commerzbank apps ? Want to give /e/ a go but dont have a second phone to try it before, if the app works