Bank application (La Banque Postale) not functionnal on Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)


I recently installed /e/OS on a Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016).

The last application I need is my bank application (La Banque Postale), which is essential for authenticating certain online banking operations carried out from the bank’s web portal.

The app install is doing fine from the default app store, then the app launches fine, but crashes after entering login credentials.

This post lists apps that are supposed to work via microG. It seems that microG is embedded by default in /e/OS (I can clearly see it in the list of installed applications). So I followed the official doc on ​​the subject. Now, when I launch the application, I’m not prompted to configure the Enable activation of the Exposure Notifications API option, and I don’t see how to do it afterwards… The app options relating to authorizations do not list this option (Settings > Applications > La Banque Postale > Authorisations).

Thanks in advance if anyone has an idea!

PS : by the way, I was not able to post on /e/OS en français forum… Seems like I don’t have enough privileges.

From the top of this thread/page > 3 horizontal bar menu > Groups > Join … group.

Thanks @aibd ! I managed to post the same message in the french forum.

I keep this one in the main forum and I will update both with the solution (hope there is one!).