Cannot install microG EN on Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)


Following this post I haven’t get any solution for so far, I split the issue into one dealing with microG app.

I have microG default installation with the system:

  • /e/OS version: e-1.2-q-20220728206708-dev-a3xelte
  • microG version: e-v0.2.24.214816-noen

Refering to the documentation, I guess that the noen version of microG embedded on my device is not suitable (bank application being not functionnal) and I need an EN version.

I then tried to download the latest available version of microG EN version (see links in documentation) but the installation fails, saying “Application not installed” and that’s all:

I tried to stop microG before installing again but I get the same result.

I didn’t try to uninstall embedded app before trying to install EN version, as I’m not sure about side effects…

Thanks for your help!


The documentation says

The Exposure Notification Framework has been developed by Apple and Google to enable contact tracing on iOS and Android. This Exposure Notification Framework API is necessary to use most COVID-19 contact tracing apps.

It has nothing to do with any banking app, and installing it in /e/'s version of microG won’t make your banking app work - sorry!

The fact that you can’t update it is a bug, but it’s only a problem if you need to run a COVID-19 contact tracing app that uses it.

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Thanks you for your reply. You are right, this is contact-tracing related. Sorry about this…