Basic information clearly expressed, needed

Hello, i’m sorry but i can’t find a topic on this. I am very dyslexic and reading walls of text is to say the least a chore.
I get the de-googled bit ( awesome by the way).

I’m less sure on why if i use only apps with a 10/10 security rating i should need to hide my ip address or my physical location.

I’m even less sure on micro g ?
If i use an app, audible (my favourite not installed app) for instance am i tracked, is my data at risk?

I’m sure this information is available some where on the forums / website but as previously stated i am really, really dyslexic. Perhaps a video explaining how the e os works for those of us who struggle in a text centred world.

Thank you in advance for any replies.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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In short concerning audible: yes you are tracked

you can check any apps on google play or F-Droid here : Exodus privacy

microG anonymize data so it’s ok (please correct me if i’m wrong on this)

10/10 apps don’t need to use advanced privacy for example, but hide your IP or your location concerning more browsing the web I think (and apps with location permission). So it’s depends on your habits and on the site you visite

One example when you might want/need to is when you’re browsing websites and you don’t want those websites knowing where you are or trying to identify you based on their past collections on you.

But this is entirely up to you whether to enable it or disable it, based on your desires and aversions.

this lengthy video gives you a good background on microg. You need it to have some of the commercial apps even run or sufficiently work. It will lessen your dependency on Google, give you a bit anonymity, but not block any tracking of Apps.

“Advanced Privacy” though does - if you enable the tracking blocker - and at best the App won’t bother. Skip on the other 2 features hide-location (as currently it is unable to exempt the Maps App) and hide-ip (Tor can have too much of a network speed impact).