microG explanation as video

I looked for video explanations on microG for new users as text alternative and reviewed what youtube has available.

The video of Rob Braxman was comprehensive and complete. Not everything will apply to /e/ too, as he portrays it independently of the customrom. He will do some promotion on his own solutions, fair enough, creating videos take work. I can recommend this if you get asked what microg is.

He’ll go into

  • what APIs microG reimplements, which APIs are missing and what are the implications
  • Signature Spoofing
  • what comprises Safetynet (SELinux, Droidguard helper… he has a different conclusion if it should be active at all vs /e/)

in summary, microG is more important for what it doesn’t do, then what it does. It provides stub functions for things that apps might call so they don’t crash, but it will not provide functions like advertising, geofencing, google analytics and all the other bad telemetry that will occur with the real google library.

pretty well put.

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