Battery drain and Overheating problem

Hi Fellow /e/ People,

I am a fan and user of /e/, and I used /e/ with several devices like Oneplus 9 pro, Oneplus 7T, and now Oneplus Nord N200. With all 3 devices I encountered with battery drain issue after installing lots of application. I don’t know the reason yet and I don’t have time to check but I will ASAP. Right now I put phone to battery saver mode and when I charge phone I close it and plug to charger. The problem occured after using a while 1.20T and after installing some applications. I couldn’t understand the reason of problem but I am sure that I encountered with all 3 devices.
Any first impression ideas until I troubleshoot it?

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There’s a section in the Settings called Accu. There you can see a ranking of apps based on their accu consumption. The ranking is most expressive when the accu is nearly empty.

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Thank you @irrlicht . As I observed reason could be installing same application under shelter and also main profile especially some google apps. I deleted some google and other apps under shelter and battery drain turned to normal as I see last 24 hours. I am investigating more.

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The problem occured again after I removing same applications in shelter and main profile and installing couple of new applications. I observed this problem occurs when installed apps exceeds certain number. Currently I have 180 applications installed and no problem but issue limit is probably something like this.

I installed 5 more apps which are opensource from fdroid and battery drain started phone heated even though I didn’t open those. After I uninstall 5 apps heating and battery drain stopped. I don’t understand what kind of bug/orelse is this. And in the battery usage it shows only “android system” is the most used.

Not the amount of apps is interesting.

You must find out which apps cause the accu consumption.

Another thing is interesting: accu consumption is often a synonym for data sending because data sending costs a lot of energy, especially over a mobile connection. Check how much data your device sends over a day and which app is responsible for that. Keep in mind that typical background processes like the OS itself, the Mail app and for instance a messenger do all together not send more than some ten till some hundred kB/day by themselves. If you have more you must find the reason.

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A new behaviour about this problem; I reinstalled /e OS and used with few applications, also without work profile and THE problem occurred randomly twice I put the phone to battery saver for a few hours and rebooted a few time when occurred and heating gone. While this happens in battery usage screen It shows that only android system is using so much.
Very strange and I don’t know how to troubleshoot.

Doesn’t sound good.

What does the plain OS alone? Without any installed apps, without any accounts (this means also: without synchronization and without any mail-server access)?

My guess is you have the same app causing this on all three devices but it’s counted as “OS”.

Have you ever analyzed how many data your device sends over the data connection?

I logged in to a few apps using mail whatsapp etc I was using daily suddenly heating starts and battery drains along side with it. I put to battery saver for a few hours than set back to normal and heating drain stopped. Weird.