Battery issue Samsung S9 I bought D/e/googled

When I was “video calling” for work, I probably took too long because the phone went completely empty and dead.

Have been trying to load it overnight on USB C but it seems not to charge at all.

I have discussed some possibilities with @archje in (S9 Crash while using Lifesize pp (overheated?)) but…keep coming back in loops, TWRP screen etc without any improvement on the charging… suggestions are welcome.

Next step would be to ask how about Warranty on my freshly bought /e/ S9 ? :roll_eyes:

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

There are clear regulations and agreements. As first contact person for /e/ I would contact @Alexis N /e/ Support.

Thx. I will contact him.

The official contact in case of issue with phones sold by the e Foundation is

Thankyou. I have contacted them by way of that email adress and @alexis set my mail to the adress too, so I am curious how quick they will react :wink:

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