Become a Murena Shareholder 🚀

Exciting news! Murena is launching a fundraising campaign!

:tada: This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of Murena and be part of our growth journey.

Secure your spot by signing up for Early Access to the campaign—shares are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Update: The campaign is now live

Form for people from the USA, China, Russia, Turkey, Japan, Canada or Australia who want to get updates about possible alternative investment options in Murena in the future

This campaign is now closed

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/OS the deGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Is there a document that explains how the investment will work? More specifically, how profits will be handled? Will there be return on investment for the shareholders or all the profit will go into…whatever sector you might think suitable?


All details would be shared once the process actually starts. This is just an advance notification of what is to come. We will create a FAQ to answer the most likely questions besides sharing all details.


Good morning Manoj. Is it correct that the current residency depends if investing is possible?

As mentioned in my posts above, we will share all relevant details once we go live. Collecting all the queries being raised.

My biggest question is if there will be risk of Murena being bought out by big tech, would hate to see a buy out change the direction.

Investing in Murena is a nice thought. After all you can mostly invest in big companies. Investing in a small company and knowing that your money can actually do some good things would be nice.


  1. As an investor I need ROI. You should clearly state your guarantees about this in the FAQs.
  2. Investing is a lot about trust. And trust is a tricky topic after all the issues with the Kickstarter campaign. It might be better to first clean up all the open issues with both the backers and the devices (incl. the casing).

I just bought some Murena shares, just because I care about privacy and true usage of Open Source.

Murena / e.os is for me the best solution in ease of use and a de-googled Android environment.

A big THANK YOU to all people at Murena!


I was really about this, but the platform used looks a bit unfair regarding its conditions:

2.49% fee on invested amount, and 5% fee on benefits? That’s huge!
Now it is too late I guess, but why didn’t you go with for example?

Is it live now?:sweat_smile: or was that some early access?

I have filled out some form from patreon but have 0 information, was waiting for Manoj’s mentioned details…

It is an Early Access round right now, yes. You might have gotten an email earlier inviting you to sign up for Early Access.

I for my part am shown the investment opportunity, but apparently cannot buy shares without a credit card (currently haven’t got one). Not breaking my head about this, the target seems extremely close to being reached already right now. So my few Euros won’t make a do or die difference.

I wasn’t sure about if I can cause Japan is excluded, don’t know in which way. Looks like I will also miss out on it, but if successful round, all good.

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The original target is actually reached now (100%), “overfunding” is still possible and allowed though.

Ah, I sse. Then I will keep beeing patient

Indeed it is!

:white_check_mark: Investors welcome

:x: Sponsoring rejected

That gives me food for thought…

Just in case: They just announced they

will be launching publicly by the end today, opening the opportunity up to the rest of the Crowdcube community.

Update: The pitch is public now.

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I am proud of you on this.

it’s not clear from the crowdcube page or pitch filing (at least what I could parse) how overfunding will move the equity needle. Naively I’d guess it’d be linear or in thresholds to the share price / equity / initial 400k goal ratio.

Will you share it here or is it at crowdcube?

The link is in the initial thread…the details are on the crowdcube site. The link for users from countries not covered by crowdcube is also in the initial post.