Birthdays don't show in calendar app

I have installed /e/ on my new FP3 and so far everything works fine with one exception. The birthdays of my contacts do not show up in my calendar. Both are the default apps that come with /e/OS.
All contacts are on the /e/Account and the calendar is also linked with it. On the PC version I can see the birthdays on my /e/Calendar and I can see other events on the calendar on my phone.
When I go to ‘Calendars to display’ it only shows the personal calendar of /e/ and I can’t sync any birthdays there.
Hopefully somebody has an idea on how to help me, and of course I will try to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge.

When you went to ‘Calendars to display’, you then tapped the ‘Calendars to sync’ button at the bottom? No ‘Contact birthdays’ listed?
I have a hunch but need to make sure first.

yes, only the normal calendars show up, no birthday option

Hmm, okay. I’m working mostly from memory here. The Account Manager (fork of DAVx5) in the builds up to the 0.7 releases allowed one to access the underlying DAVx5 settings, as shown below. I vaguely remember ‘Contact birthdays’ being unchecked by default. I believe the settings are stored in ecloud so after moving up to 0.9 my settings are intact.

That’s from memory. Both of my /e/ ROMs are on 0.9 so I can’t verify. My hunch was that maybe the Contact birthdays are indeed not checked, under the hood. That can only be confirmed by users who came to /e/ late in the game (0.9, maybe 0.8) and also don’t have or can’t sync Contact birthdays.
If that is not the case then my hunch is wrong and the problem lies somewhere else.

Well, installing DAVx5 did the trick for me, so thank you very much! I was able to check the Contact birthdays there and now they show up.You are now my favorite person on the internet for the day, so thanks again!

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yes, the problem came out from build 0.8 onwards (Missing "Account" synchro options from 0.8 builds), where the ability to change account settings disappeared;
but the solution cannot be to install another software because the present one does not work!
I have also opened an issue on the gitlab:

That is true. I still am glad that I have a fix for now. Of course I would prefer one where no extra installation is necessary

Is there a solution for this, already?
I have my birthday’s on nextcloud but not on my phone.