Bitwala Crypto Wallet on /e/?

I am using /e/ for about 2 month on my S7 and I am really happy with it.
However, a downside of /e/ came by trying to install the app for my bitcoin wallet on Bitwala.
Initially the login failed with an android crash report of microg droidguard helper.
So I googled and found a guide on this forum for installing banking apps on /e/ with magisk.

I installed magisk manager, magisk and followed the guide. But now I still have an error logging in with the Bitwala app. Now it seems to be an app-internal communication timeout with the meaningfull message of “14:”
Afterwards I tried to setup the app of my bank (unicredit/HypoVereinsbank) according to the guide, but it cannot login, too.

Is here anyone that successfully uses Bitwala on /e/ and could give some information on how to do so?

A lot of banking apps will fail also with my workaround. I don’t know Bitwala. I’m using bitpanda which also not working on eOS. there for I’m using the web access via PWA.
So if Bitwala also have a web interface, use it.

Yes, they have a web interface.
Unfortunatly some trading functionalities are only implemented in the android app.
Bitwala always refers to use the app on an “official android device” when asking for those functions in web.