Black screen/Fairphone 5 shutdown without any reason

For some users (read Murena Fairphone 5 coming? - #75 by totoroot & FP5 s'eteint sans raison), FP5 shutdown/become black for no reason on 1.16.1. This seems to happen when the user is on the move and not at home.

According to support (mentioned here FP5 s'eteint sans raison - #6 by Fred63), it’s maybe an issue related to 5G. Switching from the network circled in red to the selected network in the following image might resolve the issue.

Others said that a factory reset is resolving the issue.

Anyone can confirm what is it and how to solve it?

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for me, removing the 5G connection solved the problem, my phone stays on when I’m on the move :wink:

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On my side, it seems that it also solved the issue. I’ll get back if not

Hi there,

I also expirienced the problem when I was at home with mobile data off.

I got in touch with e/OS helpdesk and they said, that reseting the phone to factory settings, did the job for most people, who had this issue. That’s what I did and till now everthing works as intended:)

Don’t ask me why, but I’m glad it worked.

Thanks @DavidLibeau! This seems to be a good fix for this issue. I’ve changed this two days ago and so far the issue hasn’t come up again.

For anyone also stumbling upon this and not understanding French, the fix is quick and easy.

Settings :arrow_right: Network and Internet :arrow_right: SIMs :arrow_right: Preferred network type

Then pick “LTE/TDSCDMA/CDMA/EVDO/GSM/WCDMA” from the list.

That means that NR/5G connectivity is disabled, which is fine for me, as I don’t have 5G from my carrier anyway.

I’m curious whether the issue only comes up, if there are 5G networks available, but the FP5 cannot connect to them, due to the carrier/SIM not supporting it :thinking:

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