Black screen when calling and an echo on Gigaset GS290

Black screen when calling and an echo.

I have this phone 2 years now and it that i love the e/OS Project but is a wonder that i didn’t smashed it out of a window or something.
I know that the phone was not really expensive, but the problems are not solved and the camera worthless.

Everytime when i am calling i get the message that people hearing an echo and sometimes the screens goes black. when that happens i cant do anything and thats really annoying.

If somebody knowing a phone that works great without these issues and a better camera, please tell me your experience, because i want a phone that works!

I think that the screen goes black is normal.
It’s the proximity sensor that locks the screen to avoid that your ear activate unintentionally someting on the screen.

My wife has a Volla Phone (which is a Gigaset 290) on Ubuntu Touch, and we do hear echo when we do call her. The echo disapears when she plugs a headset or when she uses through the bluetooth car kit…

Normal yes, but its not normal when you want to choose numbers like when you calling a customer support or something like that or when you wanna put your phone on the speaker and the screen stays black even when you ticking on your phone while you getting frustrated about it. I cant do nothing. And i don’t always use a headset or sitting in a car when i am calling.

After updating to eOS 1.8 this issue is still exist on my Gigaset GS290.
When i am calling my screen goes black and i am not be able to choose numbers, set my phone on speaker or simply end the call.

Pushing the right volume and power buttons doesn’t make any sense, most of the time and only when i connect my power adapter, the screen lights up.

This is sometimes really annoying when i’am calling a customer support and cannot choose the right number or simpley because i cannot end the call and the other person can hear me.

The app Device Info HW available in App Lounge contains under the sensors tab a test function for the proximity sensor. My proximity sensor activates at ~5 cm this is confirmed by the test function when I move my hand into the area by the top speaker.

I have seen it said that the proximity sensor can be detrimentally influenced by certain screen protectors or a chunky case.

hi, I encounter the same problem; when I make a phone call, when I want to answer to a call, or even when I want to take a photo, or a sound; It’s terribly ennoying !

the solution I found : find a dark place, there I can see a little what is on the screen , and can set the light of the screen; there I see that the cursor has been driven to the minimum, and I reset it properly to the maximum; (It should comme back when you remove your ear !)

I did not set the screen-light to automatic, but it moves anyway under thoses circumstances, and I would like to find a way to lock the light to the maximum;
“le mieux est l’ennemi du bien” i.e. “the best is the ennemy of the good”.
Anyway, I like much my gs290, as a telephone, and I have separately a discrete and good camera.