Blackberry Z10, is it possible?

Would it be possible to format the Z10 and install /e/ O/S?
I already have a Xiaomi Redmi 4x converted and am quite pleased with the O/S.

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Hello friend,

As someone who has worked on that product and all BB10 devices - I can tell you the answer unfortunately is a definite no.

BlackBerry 10 (and earlier) devices don’t have an unlocked bootrom like these android devices do. There is a hardware-based chain of trust (the hardware makes sure that it only runs software signed by BlackBerry Inc.). BlackBerry is like Apple in many ways - terrible to its customers that way. It would have been nice if they pushed an update just before they killed these devices to unlock the bootrom :frowning: They just don’t care.

(Personally I have some Z10/Z30/Q5/Q10/Classic devices with unlocked bootroms. We used those for development purposes and they are 100% functional. The chips inside them are certainly supported by Android already since most chip-vendors like Qualcomm and nVidia use Android as the reference platform for their hardware, so it would not take that much to make them work with Android, and indeed, we already had those devices running Android internally inside the company. However, that effort would still be considerable (like, a team of 6 people for 6 months for a first release), and the only BlackBerry devices that would be able to run them in the end are the unlocked “developer” devices like the ones that I have - those are never sold and extremely rare. Normally BlackBerry takes these devices back and destroys them but I snuck a few :slight_smile: )

Hello …
Thanks for the reply and information. I sort of thought that what you described, would be the answer.
I have been around the 'Net since 1980, and I have and designed my own website(s).
Apparently from what I have heard , is that Blackberry is supposed to be shutting down or blocking some of their models, so that the affected models are not able to operate at all … looks like I might have myself a small paperweight …:joy:
I much appreciate your input and knowledge …
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