Blank screen after "Log in" as /e/ user

Hello, I’m archje a.k.a. archie.

After changing the background color of my account as “archie” (Preferences > Interface > Theme >> Dark - Light - Light) I only see “nothing”, which means: an blank screen - but only when I am logged in.

When I visit the websites without being logged in, I can see everything.

Yes, Javascript is and has always been enabled.

I have tried three different computer systems (Windows, elementary OS (Ubuntu/Linux), /e/OS) and five different web browsers Always the same result: After logging in only a blank screen.

Important note: With my replacement account archje a.k.a. archie and the same web browsers everything works as it should (!!!)

From this I conclude that it has nothing to do with the operating system, i.e. neither with Windows, nor Linux, nor /e/ OS nor with the web browsers, but is a (mal)function in the script. The /e/ support tries to clarify this.

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