BlissLauncher on Bacon update (e-0.5-n-201903134246-dev) don't work!

I have just updated my OPO - bacon (e-0.5-n-201903134246-dev), and impossible to launch BlessLauncher , the system shows a error message on launcher that will be stopped run until next reboot. Is there a way to correct this, downgrade the update without re-install from zero.
Thank you.

Hi @Usem can you try to swipe down from the top and get to settings (gear shaped icon). There Go to Apps & notifications > see all apps look for Bliss Launcher >> Storage >> Clear Data + Clear Cache then return to main screen and check if the issue is resolved.

I reboot the phone and befor introduce my password I swipe from the top and i clicked on settings, Because after login there is the error message that appears frequently and prevents me from using my phone. But now it seems work after cleaning data and cache. Thank you @Manoj .

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To update on this issue. There was an issue with the 13 March build and it has been removed from the servers. The code is being fixed for this bug. The updated build will be available soon for all devices.
Sorry for the inconvenience,