My experience on Sony Xperia XA2


The Bad
I experienced some wifi problems so i rebooted. After reboot network problems were over but i had an errorloop saying the bluetooth app has crashed and needed restart. (see Eduroam not working)

The Good
I was brave or stupid enough to update :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The good -> OTA worked on my device.

The Worst
As described in the opening post the latest build still has the “No sim” error. So my phone is useless right now. :disappointed_relieved:

Anyone? How can I install the older working build without losing all apps and data? Can I use ADB push to push the old image to the phone and use update? To what folder do i have to push the image?

Up and running again. Installed built of 20190312 again.

Become handy doing it. :wink:

Some problems that you describe are the same as with Sailfish. I have it on XperiaX, but the simcard-and memorycard reader does not work since the latest updates. I do not know if the updates cause this or if this is due to the quality of the device. After a few years struggling with Jolla 1 I bought an i pad mini for the niceties and utilities like a Triodos app. And since the simcard problem I had to buy an Iphone 6s. How boring that is! The interface and the design of Sailfish are much easier and nicer than Apple’s ! Jolla says that the new Dalvik will make use of micro-g, just like /e/. Well, I am stuck anyhow, for I am not able to flash myself.

Where did you find an installable app from the Triodos bank? I only have it on my ipad mini and not on XperiaX. Cannot find it in Aptoide, nor in apkpure. Is it safe to install the app from these alternative stores?

@Kea Yalp store you can install Yalp store from fdroid. See thread Install F-Droid & Yalp correctly

As far as know this store is save for its “a kind of gateway” to the g… play store.

Hmmm I thought it was related to the build version of /e/.
My present version (20190312 ) works fine. But the newer builds do have “sim card problems”.

But this version has a bug in Bliss launcher. see BlissLauncher on Bacon update (e-0.5-n-201903134246-dev) don't work!

So i’m using my apps in alphebetical order :wink: (as result clearing the cache at startup) and use no folders or any ordering for i know it’s temporal.

Thinking of buying another /e/ supported device (pocofone or mi8/9 (hope mi9 will be supported soon), and using the XA2 with sailfish but your post isn’t hopefull for doing so.

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Maybe Sailfish 3 works better on XA2 than on XperiaX. I didn’t buy the XA2 because I want to wait until Sailfish 3 has been improved and also because pictures made with these Sony devices show unnatural red colours. Camera is sharp, but colours, no, not my taste. Sound on the other hand is good, beter than on iphone.

This weekend I spend a lot of time installing ROMs on my XA2.

  • Tried to make a backup using TRWP :negative_squared_cross_mark:
  • Over the air update /e/ :negative_squared_cross_mark:
  • sideloaded latest lineageOS + microG :negative_squared_cross_mark:
  • sideloaded latest lineageOS :negative_squared_cross_mark:

In all install occasions it’'s the same SIM card problem

Installed the latest working /e/ as mentioned above (201903124169). Works fine.:white_check_mark:

So it’s a LineageOS problem, it appears to exist from mid januari.
They said it’s fixed. Maybe the maintainer of this /e/ build can check in /e/?

And maybe it’s possible to make build 201903124169 avaible again, for new users. otherwise they wil install a non working version.

It’s the “firmware” directory that’s missing. Some LineageOS users did manage to copy the firmware directory from Android A to B using adb. (failed in my case). Others did install a new firmware file. (didn’t try for I couldn’t find the correct firmware and didn’t want to brick my device)

So i’m a little struck updating, anyone new idea’s?

Using /e/ is still a pleasure. At this moment I see some major points:

  • Bliss Launcher is not stable, Sometimes it crashes and needs the cache to empty at boot to work again.
  • Bliss Launcher don’t work with Shelter or Island.
  • No support for O365 mail accounts
  • Some apps won’t install (linkedin, netflix) no big deal

Update 11-04-2019 : fixed sim card error see How to fix Sony Xperia XA2 missing sim card

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Hi Damio,

thanks for sharing your experience. I am undertaking the same steps with the XA2 H4113 at the moment, unfortunately my current phone (Xperia Z1c) died before I was able to successfully switch to the XA2. I was having the same problems with BT, Wifi and fingerprint-reader with image e-0.7-o-2019072818258-dev-pioneer. After switching to e-0.7-o-2019080419016-dev-pioneer all seemed well and I transferred my SIM to try out the phone capabilities. Bad luck, the SIM was either not recognized at all or just shortly, followed by a “sim card ejected, please reboot phone”.

It was at this time when e.os suggested an OTA update which I happily applied. Bad luck again, all the fixed flaws (BT app crashing, no Wifi etc.) were back and SIM card still not detected. I tried both [] and [] which were having the same problems.
I tried some other SIM cards of which some worked and some didn’t.
Another issue was that suddenly all contacts had dissappeared and only threema contacts were still there. When I looked for a specific contact, the contacts app was looking for people of the same or similar name living in my neighborhood, or at least what the phone thought was my neighborhood. This was really spooky.

Was your XA2 initially on Android 9 Pie before your started flashing it @Damio? I’ve heard it causes issues when downgrading to custom oreo roms like /e/, lineage etc.

Hey @Damio,

I recently had some… mishaps with my XA2, culminating in constant “Bluetooth keeps stopping” errors in /e/, and then (what I assume to be) a factory defect which glitched out the screen completely.

I’m going to be returning the phone, and will probably be getting another XA2. Would you recommend this, or should I get some other model (hopefully one that also has active community support but less problems)?

I also checked out your other XA2 thread and wanted to ask if you had any extra tips for getting /e/ (and other OSes) to work (and more importantly, to not screw everything up)? This is my first time doing anything like this with Android, and this A/B flashing stuff gets really confusing.

I also noticed the XA2 was getting pretty hot while I was fiddling with it, and some other people online have also complained about high temps. Is this a problem in your experience, and is there any way to alleviate this on /e/ (underclocking, etc.)?

" I also checked out your other XA2 thread and wanted to ask if you had any extra tips for getting /e/ (and other OSes) to work (and more importantly, to not screw everything up)? This is my first time doing anything like this with Android, and this A/B flashing stuff gets really confusing."

I totally agree :slight_smile:

Thanks to Damio I fixed my SIM issue, I unfortunately had an additional obstacle which was actually the SIM card, which disconnected while in use. I got a new one from the provider and got this problem sorted out.

So far I am happy with the daily use but still got some things to find out. I am also afraid to use any OTA updates as the last one brought back all the initial flaws with BT/Wifi/etc constantly crashing the phone. Are there different builds that the new releases are based on, so that old problems come up again?

How can I be sure to trust a new update? I don’t have a spare XA2 to try out new releases before putting them in the ‘real-use’ phone.

Best regards,


After several weeks of daily use, I experience following odd things:

  1. recently taken photographs do not show up in the gallery, instead there’s only a grey solid. After a few days, the image and the thumbnail shows up. Whenever I send, share or edit an image, it’s there right away.
  2. Issue with pdfs. I cannon read any pdfs, neither with the preinstalled MuPDF nor with MoonReader. Screen stays blank.
  3. Widgets added to the leftmost screen show up after a reboot only.
  4. The phone occasionally seems to reboot without me noticing. I only happen to know because the fingerprint reader tells me to use the code after the phone restarted.
  5. As mentioned before, the OTA-update ruins the phone and brings back the BT, Wifi and other problems.

Apart from that, I am quite happy.

Keen to know about your experience!


I originally had the problem with bluetooth (5) you mentioned. This is due to issues with your second A/B partition. A mentioned in another XA2 post you can try the following which worked for me and no longer have update issues. Plus everything is working fine on my device, none of the other issues you report:

Set developer options to allow root over ADB then:

adb wait-for-device root

adb wait-for-device shell

dd if=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/dsp_a of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/dsp_b

dd if=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/bluetooth_a of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/bluetooth_b

dd if=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/modem_a of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/modem_b

No I had Android 8.1 installed when my phone arrived.


thanks a bunch, I’ll try that out soon and report back.

Kind regards,



I became recenty the owner of the Sony Xperia XA2. The build installed is e-0.7-o-2019102428284.
I have a problem with the fingerprint scanner. The setting for the fingerprint scanner is nowhere in the settings menu. Does anyone know what the problem could be, or have a solution? Should it work with this build?

Kind regards,

It works on mine with the system version 10/10/2019.
You should find it in :
Settings > Security and privacy