Blocking trackers by depriving them of internet?

Hi everyone.

I’ve been reading extensively on the forums for the past couple of months, and finally registered today so I could post as well as read.

I finally flashed /e/ to a test phone a few weeks ago, learning a lot in the process of trying things out with it. After reading up on trackers, I decided I wanted my device to use tracker-free alternatives as much as possible Now only 2 or 3 apps with trackers are left.

So, my question: A specific app has a tracker or three. If I turn off all five of the app data usage permission sliders (wifi, cellular, background, vpn, and unrestricted) for that app, and no other app with data permissions has the same tracker, have I completely neutralized the tracker like I think I have? Or have I missed something or failed to consider something about how trackers work?

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Have you tried to use Blocada witch is domaine name oriented ?
Or TrackerControl witch is applications oriented ?

Both of those make it impossible to use a VPN, as I understand it. I’ve already started using Shelter. But in any case I’m hesitant to put all my trust in a privacy solution that needs a specific app to work perfectly 100% of the time.

And I may already have a solution that fits my needs, if I can get it confirmed. Does removing all data permission from an app effectively block it’s trackers from calling home?

I can’t answer your question, but a PiHole could be an relatively easy way to monitor this. There are plenty of manuals.

Using a VPN would break this by design, so it’s mandatory to stop it during the testing session.

@Ludix My family and I are pretty mobile, so I need a solution that will work anywhere, not just at home, so pihole is not for me, although I enjoy reading about it.

@piero I re-read my response - I apologize for my rudeness. I’m planning on looking into Blokada and Trackercontrol a bit more before renewing my VPN subscription in a year or so. For now, though, I’m looking for something that I can “set and forget” for my wife’s phone and son’s phone, rather than adding yet another app that needs me to keep an eye on it.

I’m really hoping that this quote from tve’s post from 6 months ago is effective:
#3 can be done in the settings: Settings->apps-> ->Data usage->deactivate all data sliders”

Can someone with knowledge or experience confirm for me that this would actually, completely work? i.e., there is not some other additional channel that trackers in the data-slider-deactivated app can use to call home/send my info elsewhere?

Thank you. Sorry for being unclear.

Just to be clear, PineHole wasn’t meant as a solution but to test. It monitors all DNS requests.

Thank you, @mcmd for the detailed answer - this was my question as well.

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