Bluetooth connection not working in a strange way

I’m trying to connect to bluetooth and it seems to not be working

When i connect to my car, i have the pairing succesful but if i try to play audio, it doesnt do nothing. Audio don’t play.

And on my bluetooth wireless earphones, i connect, i listen “connected succesfully” but if i try to play something more, the same issue

And a funny thing is that, on the players, like tidal, yt vance, the progress bar of sounds keep running but i noticed that Whatsapp, if you try to play an audio note, it won’t go, it keeps stuck at 0:00 till it gives a message like: voice note unable to play. And just when bt paired this happens.

Really? NO one?

I actually needed help, cause i need a rom with this funcionality

I have the same problem on my Mi4/cancro and opened an issue.

I’d recommend that you connect with the community support at
Please mention your device name, /e/OS version running on the device.
Make sure you run the most updated version of the OS.
Any other information that will help debug will be needed.


Do you have a solution @hrqmonteiro ? I have almost the same trouble, so I would like to know what I can do.