Headphones wont play music through bluetooth connection

I bought myself a new pair of headphones. they work on every device i tried, except on my fairphone with eos. they work on a fairphone with the common android.
they connect via bluetooth but they’re is ko sound coming. also if i press pause on the song, it will skip back to the point where i pressed play.
other bluetooth devices (speakers, other headphones) work without any provblems, just this one not.
is there anything i can change in my settings or so to allow my phone to play music through the headphones?
the headphones i bought are the marley redemptions anc.

happy for any help!

I have the same problem with my car (Renault) :
FP3 connects to my car, I can see it on car’s screen, but when I try to lauch the song, it stops immediatly. I can connect the same FP3 and listen music with the same Bluetooth connection to an other car (Kia) or to a speaker.

It seems to be the same discussion as Fairphone 3+ Probleme mit Bluetooth Verbindung zum Auto Radio or Bluetooth connection not working in a strange way