Bluetooth hit and miss in car

Hi - I have /e/ version 0.19-20211023 on my Samsung Galaxy S9 plus (purchased already installed). I didn’t use it for a while but now I’m back with it and determined to make it work. Most things are ok - I miss Wifi calling and banking apps but I guess they may come with time and I can live without them. However I use bluetooth in my car a lot (previously with iPhone 10 which worked flawlessly) and so far it’s been very hit and miss with the S9. I have connected them but I keep getting the error message on the phone that ‘Bluetooth keeps stopping’ and also on the car system that ‘no phone is connected’. However sometimes the sound continues to come from the car audio even with these messages, then it cuts out for no apparent reason, reconnects after a few seconds, cuts out again, and again… You get the picture. I’ve not tried using it to make calls yet - this is just audio.

I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting several times but the same thing happens. Any help would be much appreciated.

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I wonder if your issue is at all like the one reported in this thread? Bluetooth reconnecting-loop in car - #5 by pegu

Could be… It may be that installing the ‘Bluetooth Phonebook’ app would solve it but I can’t find that in Apps or F-droid

Ok, I installed ‘Bluetooth Phonebook’ using the APK from their website - I’m not sure about the security issues surrounding this and would be glad to know. Anyway, I can report that following installation (and to be fair, with only a brief test so far) bluetooth now seems to be connecting perfectly to my ‘Toyota Touch and Go’ system - and it’s also ok for making and receiving calls. Happy man! :slight_smile: