Bluetooth issue since latest update

Hi all,

On 27th of Aug I updated to /e/OS 0.18-20210827132306

Since this update I’ve been unable to connect my phone to my car stereo via bluetooth though I can connect to other wireless speakers fine still.

When I try to connect, it sees the stereo and tries to connect. Then after about 30 seconds my phone will say that Bluetooth has crashed/stopped working. I’ve restarted by phone multiple times, cleared cache and data in the Bluetooth app, power cycled the stereo itself, and still no change. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? The issue appeared literally the next time I tried to connect after the update so that must have surely been the cause.



I have the exact same problem since las weeks update (0.22). Did you manage to solve the problem @crc ?

Nope, still have the same problem. I’ve seen it mentioned in two other places, but no word on how many of us are affected or whether a solution in being worked on.

There’s a very similar issue here. While the Bluetooth connection between my FP3 with eOS (Android 9) and the audio system of my car (Audi A3) was stable earlier, it started losing the connection just a few seconds after establishing the connecting after updating eOS to 0.18. The problem seems to be a crashing Bluetooth system app. Android restarts the app automatically, the Bluetooth connection gets reestablished - and breaks down. The result is an on-off-loop that repeats about twice a minute.

None of the Android 9 updates until now fixed the issue and even an upgrade to Android 10 a few weeks ago didn’t change anything.

I created an issue, not exactly the same but similar :

For anyone following here, I’ve found the same issue raised on the Gitlab to follow. No sign of any solutions, however.

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Still no change with 0.23 :disappointed_relieved:

Good news:
I was able to get a error log of the crashing Bluetooth app on my FP3 and added it to the GitLab issue some days ago.
A developer investigated the problem, fixed it and provided an /e/OS test build. Download and instructions in the GitLab issue:

Today I was able to test that build successfully.
The Bluetooth connection between FP3 and car audio system kept stable for a few minutes of testing.

I assume the fix should be in the next monthly /e/OS update.


That’s excellent news thank you for your contribution! I’m in the middle of a road trip with no bluetooth to use my stereo so looking forward to getting the update!

Travelling is mostly not an ideal situation to update a phone, but who knows, it may as well add to the thrill :scream: :slightly_smiling_face:.

Finally got the update and all is working, thanks for your help!


You’re welcome!
Enjoy your road trip. :notes: :oncoming_automobile: :notes: