Bluetooth : no audio in call mode with AAC codec on GS10e


My earbuds are working well in multimedia. But when I start call I have no sound, although they are selected by the phone app.

Noticeable facts :

  • codec is AAC
  • the phone app do use the Bluetooth by default when earbuds are connected, like if they were working.
  • the earbuds have switched in call mode (muting mic on button press), so the system did sent “something” to them.
  • I have no sound at all in the earbuds.
  • Sound come back if I switch to speaker or phone mode.
  • I can’t change call volume on the earbuds. The volume bar is present and set at 50%, but if I change it it come back to 50%.
  • Those same earbuds were working well on Galaxy S7, e-foundation rom, version R, with same codec.
  • same issue with some other app (Fossify phone)
  • the bluetooth call is working well with my bluetooth headset (Sony WH1000XM3), which is using LDAC codec.

Phone : Galaxy S10e SM-G970F
Android : 1.19.1-s-20240111372761-dev-beyond0lte
Earbuds : JVC HA NP50T
Bluetooth codec : AAC

Is there something I can do to make them working ?

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