Bluetooth on FP3+

How to establish a stable Bluetooth connection with the FP3+ /e/
Doesn’t work in my car.
Doesn’t work with some other devices, like OBDLink MX+

Sorry to hear that, I have to say, that I didn’t have any issues with Bluetooth since I changed from android to e/os.

Do have the latest version of e/OS?

I wonder if your issue is at all like the one reported solved in this post? Bluetooth reconnecting-loop in car - #5 by pegu

Yes latest version of /e/
Updated 2 days ago.
Bluetooth works fine with some items.
But with others, like my car, not.
And it worked with my car and an iphone.

Looked at it, but don’t understand.
Have a volvo and latest version /e/ on FP3+