Bootloader Flash Impossible One Plus Nord (AC2003)

I have a problem and need your help.
I have buy a One plus nord AC 2003 on Amazon the phone is totaly new, i have never use just connect on wifi to enable the OEM Mode
Is on Oxygen
The phone are on developper Mode and USB debug, i have on my computer adb and fastboot , the drivers are install to.
I load the command “adb device” my device are detected, good Serial Number, i load “adb reboot bootloader” the phone restaring as bootloader mode.
After i use the command “fastboot OEM unlock”, then my computer waiting the device and nothing append…
Can you help me for flash im ?
(Sorry for my english i’m french and you know french are bad for english :wink: )

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i have your same device and I’ve put e os on it just yesterday.
I read the guide and I believe you should downgrade your phone to Android 10 as the E OS stable compatible is based on that.
to downgrade it, i used this guide:
all went smooth… Idk if it’s this matter but as it was my first custom rom installed i did everything exactly like described in the guides

Thanks for your help…
I have downgrade my phone nom it’s 10.5.10.AC01BA
But the problem remains the same.
When i use “fastboot OEM Unlock” nothing …

please try other USB cables

I’d Just tried with 4 different USB (USB A> USB C, USB C > USB C) Cables and 2 Differents Computer … nothing append

Does fastboot devices indicate that you have a full response from the phone on Fastboot mode?

If no and your PC is Windows, please check all drivers are present by opening a Windows Device manager window alongside your terminal, and watch out for a problem device.

As in this one named paragraph in a quite different tuto: 1) Aller dans Windows Update

Thanks to all i have verify all my drivers, uninstall and install and it work !!! my bootloader is break !!
Now i go install /e/
See you :wink: