[HOWTO] Fairphone 3/3+ stuck in fastboot/bootloader mode with the Easy Installer on Windows

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You are trying to install /e/OS on your Fairphone 3/3+ with the Easy installer on Windows, but you are stuck at the “Start device in Fastboot mode” step on the Easy installer and a black screen with a green “Start” on top of the Fairphone 3/3+?

If so, follow these few steps to unblock the situation. You don’t need to unplug your Fairphone 3/3+, but if you did and you can’t get anything or are lost, press a volume button to scroll through the available options (Start / Restart bootloader / Recovery mode / Power off) until you get the green Start, then click the Power button to validate and to restart your Fairphone 3/3+. Then restart the Easy Installer and repeat the installation procedure, then resume this tutorial.

1) Go to Windows Update

2) Install the necessary driver



When I do that, I cannot find the “SAMSUNG Android Phone” on the list. Neither a “Android Device” like it’s said here… I tried with “Mobile devices” but when I validate the ssudadb.inf, I get a error message : “the folder you specified doesn’t contain a compatible software driver for your device”.
Do I need to do anything after extracting to create the Samsung category ?

By any chance, would you have an idea ? It’s blocking my easy-install ^^’

Hello, and welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

I have maybe another idea, that is easier.

Could you go to Windows settings, in the Windows update tab please ? Click on refresh to search for updates.

It will maybe install the needed drivers.

If it doesn’t, maybe you will see a “Optional updates” button (or simliar), click on it and click on the “drivers” part to display the list if installable drivers. You might see a “Google Inc. K??? Android Bootloader Interface” driver. Install it.


With the Fairphone on Fastboot I searched for the updates and there was “LeMobile - Other Hardware - Android Composite ADB Interface” > I installed it and the installer continued !
/e/ is now installed, the adventure begins.

You, sir, are a great man. Et comme on dit chez nous : je t’en dois une. :wink:

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Thank you very much for this post - I was very grateful to find it as my Fairphone 2 is not restarting after trying to update the OS through the Fairphone Updater. I am now in fastboot mode, but Win 10 Home does not recognise my phone at all, which makes both backing up data and reinstalling the OS impossible.

I have tried following your instructions, but ‘SAMSUNG Android Bootloader Interface’ unfortunately is not one of the drivers shown as an option - I only have ‘SAMSUNG Mobile USB Connectivity Device’, ‘… Connectivity Device V2’, ‘… NCM Function Drivers’, ‘… RMNET Drivers’ and ‘SAMSUNG SDB Interface’. I have tried installing a few of them, but none lets me connect with my FP2.

I have tried downloading the Samsung Android USB drivers also from the official Samsung page, but again, the Samsung Android Bootloader Interface driver is not included/is not shown by my Windows.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: We tried it on my husband’s computer, and the Samsung Android Bootloader Interface driver was shown and installable there from the package. Much appreciated!

Thank you very much,


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This is a great fix.

Other readers should not get involved in deeper adb - the advice is to try the options offered by the Windows Device Manager to fix the Windows :warning: