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How to install /e/ on bq Aquaris X2 (zangya). This should also apply to X2 pro.


  • adb tools installed on PC
  • zangya with stock ROM
  • latest /e/ ROM on PC
  • payload dumper tool on PC

Prepare /e/ ROM for flashing:

  1. download latest /e/ ROM for zangya (
  2. extract payload.bin from ZIP
  3. download Payload Dumper Tool (
  4. $ python3 payload.bin
    Terminal command for Linux/macOS to extract IMG files (boot.img, system.img,
    vendor.img) from payload.bin

Steps to perform on stock ROM:

  1. save all your valuable data
  2. activate developer options by tapping 7x on «build number» in «about phone»
  3. system | developer options: activate debugging mode
  4. system | developer options: allow OEM unlock
  5. fastboot flashing unlock – all data will be lost
  6. reboot and re-enable USB debugging

Flash /e/ ROM:

  1. restart to fastboot mode: adb reboot boatloader
  2. fastboot flash boot boot.img
  3. fastboot flash system system.img
  4. fastboot flash vendor vendor.img
  5. fastboot erase userdata
  6. reboot to /e/
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I’m new to /e/ using this device.

I’m coming from lineageOS so I just

  • restarted to bootloader from recovery
  • adb push /media (pushed ROM)
  • wipe system dalvik etc.
  • installed rom from zip file
  • restart

It’s a quite old device but it worked fine and now, thanks to /e/, I hope I can still use it for quite a bit longer and keeping it updated (at least security updates).

I have not registered any /e/ account to use your cloud services (I have my own) but in case any dev needs to check or test anything I’m glad to do it (it’s a production device though)

So far so good :ok_hand: :blush: , hardware works as expected (haven’t tested GPS yet), changed Bliss launcher to Launchair, no issues with battery drain, …